Online Tensegrity® Class Series: How to Access Your Personal Power

Guided by Level 3 

Tensegrity® Facilitator-in-Training 

in Collaboration with Cleargreen 



2nd, 9th and 16th  November 2019

from 19:00 to 21:30 CET

via Zoom 



Many of us women across the world, we have learned that men are the ones holding power. Even though this is changing, we still see it across many areas of our society where men are the ones in charge. Some of us really resent this situation and try to fight it, others of us we feel frustrated in interactions with men when we find ourselves agreeing, or putting up with situations that are less than acceptable just because as women we are conditioned to behave in a certain way with men. And yet others of us we might not even question it and simply have accepted this as the norm and maybe we are just trying to gain men's attention as a means to feel somehow close to power.

Maybe we haven't been taught how to fully access our own Personal Power, possibly the previous generations were not taught either.... It's time now, we owe it to ourselves to fully access, use an embody our Personal Power, to bring the best of ourselves to any interaction with another being -men or women- 


In this workshop we will use Tensegrity®tools to bring awareness to some of our unconscious beliefs and ways of behaving, we will find practical ways to act more consciously, to act from a place of our own power, to be able to honour ourselves. 


The workshop is apt for all levels and abilities, no previous experience of Tensegrity®is needed, Newcomers are very welcomed!

In this workshop you will:


  • Learn and practice Tensegrity®Movements.


  • Identify your fears and areas where you lack confidence in relation to men.


  • Practice silence and other Tensegrity®tools to connect with your inner self, inner power, intuition and creativity.


  • Find the most appropriate practical steps to build your confidence when interacting with men.


Join us for this insightful exploration into your deeper self to access your Personal Power. 

Your Inner Power is intact, waiting to be tapped into, as you learn to hear your inner guidance the path becomes clear for you to be truly yourself and move forward with confidence in any situation and interaction!

Online Tenesgrity® Class Series for Women: How to Access Your Personal Power

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